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Thursday, 28 April 2011

I heart photoshop

Current Book:Origin in Death (I'm reading my way through the series, and it's a long one!)
Current Baking: Still eating the Bran Raisin Muffins. Apple Muffins and Chocolate chippers on menu.

I should first point out that I still have absolutely no idea how to use photoshop. I'm an internet-email-word-itunes computer user, who has enough basic knowledge to mostly maintain a system but not enough for complicated programming. I got the bright idea to look on the internet for a free photo editor so I could remove all the redeye from my pictures.

Apparently, using open source free editing equipment is bad, as it came with 7 other programs, and when I took them off, J's Starcraft ceased to work. Oops.

Yesterday, we were in Costco. I have a love hate relationship with Costco because I love all the pretty things and large volumes of tea, but hate the bill at the end. This bill was augmented by a copy of Photoshop Elements, specifially designed to touch up pictures and without the $700 USD price tag.
J decided that I needed it for my scrapbooking, so I could touch up the pictures before I printed them.
Have I mentioned lately how much I heart my husband?

Anyway, we got home, I started putting groceries away, and he got to installing it. By the end of the evening... I'd logged 10 minutes fiddling around, and he had logged three hours.
I now have a desktop that shows me 41 weeks pregnant next to me 4 days post baby.
I heart photoshop. I'm also banning J from playing with it for a while.

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