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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

There are better gifts then surprise flowers

Current Book: Freedom's landing Current Baking: Does it look like a weekend? No.

So, I was standing in a co-workers office today envious that he had bought his wife surprise flowers. Of course, he bought them Friday, then forgot to bring them to her, and they were still moldering in his office today- but it's the thought that counts, right?

Fast forward to my arrival home, when I got pissed at the lemon piece of crap we call a desktop computer once again having a meltdown and needing to be reset. After much research and eyelash batting, \i walked away from Best Buy with a fantastic laptop, complete with warrenty, for less then 500 bucks. J decided it was time for me to have something of my own so he could play more games with less 'I need the computer' type interruptions.
Take that, co-worker's wife. I have a shiny BLUE laptop. AND I brought it home.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Milkpocalypse 2011

Current Book: Same as below, I don't read THAT fast! Current Baking: Ditto.

So, knowing that today was a Monday, J and I decided to be all responsible and adult like and went to bed soon after Sprog. The fact we were both completely bagged had almost nothing to do with our new-found maturity- honest!

 Sprog decided that since we were being so obliging, he would request a meal at 2:00 am. One bottle and an hour of cuddles later, he's tucked back in his own bed.

 5:30- J's alarm goes off, I hit a random button looking for the snooze, and we surface at 5:45. J gets ready, I get up and make sure Sprog's lunch and J's coffee are good to go.
J's hauling the 300 lbs of baby gear out the door when he gets to ask the age old question... 'why is this lunchkit leaking?' Let me just say, an 8 oz bottle? That's A LOT of milk. Enough, for example, to make most of a lunch look like little icebergs floating in a sea of milk.

Sprog took a lulu lunch bag to the sitter today and we were so crazy I didn't have time to get crazy about him going. Worked out for everyone! Except, of course, for J, who gets to deal with his feet smelling like milk.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mama Guilt, 2.0

Current Book: Dolphins of Pern Current Baking:Peanut Butter cookies and Apple Strusel Muffins\

  I spent a good part of today trying to just embrace the time I get with Sprog. He's so full of energy and life, and everything is just sooooo interesting to him it makes it fun (and frustrating!) to watch.
Tomorrow, he starts at my friend's fabulous new dayhome, and I know he'll love it there. What I'm having a problem with is the 11 hours a day he'll be spending away from me. I'll have just enough time to bring him home, feed him, and put him to bed during the week.

My question is, at what point does a caregiver become just as vital to a child as their parent? When does mommy take a back seat to babysitter? I know I'm being paranoid. I know I don't have much of an option right now, as I HAVE to work and Sprog needs some time with other kids. I just feel as though my small one isn't going to be mama's little guy anymore.

I packed his lunch, I'll get him ready tomorrow morning, and I'll send him off with his daddy (who drops him off) with a snuggle and a smile. I just hope the first day of school isn't as hard as the first day of dayhome!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Guilt, the guilt

Current Book: One of the Dragon one by Anne and Todd McCaffery. Current Baking:Saskatoon Muffins

  Sprog has slept through the night again two nights running. Both nights we've rewarded him by pulling him out of bed, wrapping his still-three-quarters unconcious little body in a blanket, and hauling him up to Auntie's to be babysat for the day.

  He loves it there and he has an absolute blast, but I still feel horrible waking the poor kid up! He used to wake us up right around this time every morning, but he's apparently grown out of it. So, mama guilt in full measure this morning.