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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Back in the saddle

Settled and and loving every minute of being back in Edmonton! We've got our family groove sorted out, Sprog turns two in a matter of weeks, and we'll be here to celebrate J's sister's wedding  (and actually drink through it.) Life is looking rosy.

So here's my debate. How do you manage being an urban working mom, with a demading career that can involve overtime and exhausting extra curriculars  (thank you, social club), and balance the housework and cooking and attention with making sure one small boy gets the time and attention he deserves?

Obviously, we need more time in the day, so something has to go. I would prefer to toss work out the window, but that would also toss eating, and since that isn't optional J and I were looking into a biweekly cleaning service.

I vaguely remember my mother having a cleaning service when I was a kid... mostly because in the few months they were around, I always had to remake my bed and could never find my clothes. So, while I knew that they would probably be pricier then they were 25 years ago, I was not prepared to discover that they make more then I do.

Seriously? $330 for the initial cleaning, and then $125 every two weeks after that? That's almost my car payment! I'm just looking for someone to come in and wash my floors and sanitize my kitchen and bathroom, not gold plated paste wax or anything :P

Sadly, the quotes we were given were all around the same amount, so a cleaning service will  not be the way to make more hours in the day.

Hermione, could I please borrow your time turner?