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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wow, Talk about a blog break!

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All right. I just looked at my last post. it was in August. That either means super slacker or crazy busy. Guess which one I was?

No, really, I was honestly insanely busy. Mid September, my husband was offered what sounded like a dream job in Saskatchewan. I pulled off an inter-provincial move in three weeks- after all, I have lots of experience doing it! We started to realize things were going downhill when the townhouse we were forced to rent sight unseen was in bad repair. I landed two jobs, picked the better paying one, and discovered that being a broker at a family owned insurance brokerage was very different then being a direct writer for a large corporation. I had felt I I'd earned my spurs, they disagreed. We parted ways with a pack of homilies mid January.

While all this was going on, Hubby was fighting the same battle at two separate companies. My niece was killed in a car accident in December, and we were fortunately on hand to help my sister out in the aftermath- making it pretty much the only reason I don't consider the move, and our subsequent move back, a complete waste. I will warn anyone planning on heading there that most employers there realize they need help- but don't want to pay the wages expected of a booming economy. It's very much an employee beware  economy.

We decided to cut our losses and move back home mid February. I got back on with my old employer, and John found a job that was better then the one we moved out to SK for in the first place. We got a townhouse to handle two adults, two cats, and one small boy, and we're getting back into our groove. We've got a lot of digging to do over the next while, but I'm going to focus on my family, my  garden, my baking, and getting my brain space back into happy-go-lucky me.