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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Frustrations of Condo Living

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Sometimes I can go for months without being annoyed at living in a condo. Yes, we are crowded, and yes, I wish we were happily settled in a house in suburbia with room for a garden and a swingset. At the moment, that's not happening.
Then, you have weeks like this week. My condo manager is useless. I know this already, from her complete ineffectiveness in solving the vandalism problems and the amount of time it took to have the locks fixed so the homeless would stop sleeping in the laundry room. Then, I get a letter, addressing us unprofessionally and using the tone a principal would use on a teen caught skipping class, informing us that 'an excessive amount of mud was tracked into the premises by you or someone in your suite' and that it would 'not be tolerated' along with suggestions of 'common courtesy'. I saw red, and I'm still trying to calm down enough to send a scathing reply.

Now, I'm in the middle of doing laundry. I set timers so I can get as much done as possible. 5 minutes after my timer went off, I went to move my laundry over.... and discovered someone else already had, putting their own in the washer, moving mine into the dryer, and moving the laundry I have in the dryer into the basket I had waiting for it. I keep telling myself at least they had the courtesy to move everything over and not just dump the wet laundry on top of the dryer (which has happened) ... but call me weird, I really prefer other people not touch my underwear.

With the Sproglet in cling mode, it's going to be even more difficult to get the rest of my laundry done. But, I'm trying to remind myself that the sun is shining, it's a long weekend, and everything comes around in the end.

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