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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Accidental overload...

Current Book: Seduction in Death, JD Robb
Current Baking:Peanut Butter Confetti squares, in the fridge.

Signed up for boot camp classes today. Ok, not completely accurate. Purchased vouchers towards bootcamp classes today. Husband, Brother in Law, and I are probably going to end up going together and husbands Mom is salivating at the thought of babysitting three times a week for a couple months. We are so lucky to have such a dependable babysitter when we want to do stuff!

Probably won't end up going until J finishes this term of school, but that's OK. It's an outdoor bootcamp, and with the weather being as whacky as it is, I'd rather wait until it's guaranteed nice out. I might also attempt to start training for it a little bit. As in, actually get out and walk with the Sprog everyday. Smell some flowers (well, mud, at this point, but whatever).  I'll be stuck back in my pod soon enough, wishing for the chance to be outdoors, might as well take advantage of the time I have left.

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