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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Childcare insanity, trip insanity, and life insanity :P

Current Book: Happily Ever After, Nora Roberts
Current Baking: Chocolate cupcakes

Spent the last week sorting out the childcare situation for when I go back to work. I really, really don't want to leave Sprog for eight hours a day, but lifestyle choices require sacrifices. This is one of them. I'll be returning to work full time as of June 13th. My mom, who was going to be looking after him the entire summer, realized that she no longer has the stamina to keep up with a very active one year old (and how scary is that!) for three straight months. About that time, a good friend let me know she was still looking for kids to start a dayhome... and voila! Sprog will have full time care in a very loving home starting July 1st, my mom gets her baby fix for the first week I'm back, and the Aunt-in-law will be babysitting for the rest of June.  It's going to be considerably less expensive then anything else, too, so all I can say is SCORE!

My mother and I also took a trip to Prince George to visit the family and some close friends. We managed to leave my suitcase behind, so we also got to visit the costco clothing department :P.  My brother, his live-in, their daughter, and their roomate all came down with a raging case of stomach flu while we were there, and before we left we all had experienced the joys- including my first frantic trip to the ER with a pukey baby. We got a really great visit in with my friends, infected them the day before we left, and then came home to rest, recuperate, and infect the husband. This thing was insanely contagious- the day before you had any symptoms.

I'm currently attempting to assemble a photo album for my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary. It's difficult as I have pictures from my family, but very few from the rest of the relatives and I KNOW people will get pissy at their absence from the album. I'm going to order a photobook. This means I should have had this done three weeks ago, but I've found a place where I can design it online, order it, and I should have it in four days. Once I'm done scanning all the pictures in, I'll be able to plug them into pretty spots on pages and have a keepsake that doesn't involve decimating my grandfather's much beloved albums.

Other then all of that, life is ticking along. Husband will be done school in about three weeks, then he writes his exams and we can start making some long term decisions. I've discussed going somewhat part time for a while, which my new boss and I will attempt to implement when I get back.

Seeing as Sprog is napping, I'm going to make a sandwich and get back to scanning pictures. Any suggestions to speed it along?

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