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Saturday, 26 October 2013


Current Book: Nurture Shock Current Baking: Well, that's what we're talking about today.

Well, with fall comes change and we've made some major changes in our household. Since I'm still battling to get all the paperwork my work required, I'm not earning anything right now. When our daycare informed me they haven't been giving Sprog three quarters of his lunch- including his yogurt and his fruit leather- because it has 'too much sugar for lunch time' we made the decision to pull him. He'll be home full time with me the second week of November. As much as I firmly believe the program was beneficial to him, the dietary restrictions were ridiculous and the complaints were getting out of the realm of believably. We'll enroll him in a two day a week preschool next fall instead.

We're also trying to make more out of less when it comes to meals. While I would love to start refusing to buy anything that's not organic, the budget will not allow me to double our grocery bill with organic meats, etc. Instead, we're slowly changing over the fruit and veggies in our fridge- especially those on the dirty dozen - changing to free range, organic eggs, and eating less meat.

We've also added bread and granola bars to the list of stuff I make at home, instead of buying at the store. This is where the baking comes in. I'm going to be baking all our baked good snacks from here on in. Muffins, banana bread, cookies, granola bars, tarts, etc will be churned out of my kitchen on a weekly basis.  I have three or four recipies I use as standbys that I cycle through for variety. I'm now looking for more.

So people, what's your favorite baked good?

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